Census and Impact to San Juan County

Updated: Mar 17

It is imperative that you complete the 2020 census report as it aids in improving the quality of life in San Juan County. Our County needs federal funding. Do your part, be counted!

  • The request for information will be either mailed as a letter or post card on a staggered basis. The correspondence will encourage you to go on-line to complete the questionnaire. They will not be mailed to a post office box.

  • www.2020census.gov

  • Other options for completion include calling-in your response directly to the Census line, requesting a form be mailed to your home or you can request an in-person interview.

  • The report is a simple form this year; only 7-10 questions and 10 minutes of you time. Your information is confidential by law.

  • Every person in your family counts. On average federal funding equates to $3000 per person per year. A family of four that fails to complete the census report costs this County $12,000 per year or a total of $120,000 over the next 10 years.

  • During our last census in 2010, only 15-20% of the San Juan County citizens completed and returned the form which means other counties, which had more complete counts, received the other 80% to 85% of the federal funds that could have been spent here.

  • It is imperative that we increase the participation which is difficult during the Spring as we have a lower percentage of occupancy. Use word of mouth to encourage your friends to complete the form and be counted.

  • Federal funding is partially directed to pay for roads, schools, libraries, Head Start, EMT, firefighting equipment, family resource centers, food bank to name a few. All need funding and are beneficial to our communities.

  • The census data assists in grant applications throughout the county for numerous worthy projects.

  • This informational reminder is to help you recognize the importance of this census to our island communities.

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